Peru: Morning News Headlines – July 26


Bus Fares shoot up for Independence Day Holidays

Just days before Peru’s Independence Day Holidays, bus fares have gone up by 300 percent in some cases, having affected budgets of those who want to make their way to different parts of Peru. These price hikes can be seen at like the informal Yerbateros and Fiori bus terminals. While fares have not gone up by 300 percent in all case they have increased by a minimum of 100 percent.

Chicken prices drop by 22 percent

Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture has reported that the price of chicken has reached 3 soles and 40 cents per kilo, which shows a 22 percent drop when compared to its price of 4 soles and 34 cents in June. It is reported that this decrease in prices is due to a lower demand for chicken meat. Prices were at higher prices, which prompted consumers to buy more fish and reduce their consumption of chicken. After a decrease in taxes by the government the price of grain has also gone down.

Shopping Mall to be built in Arequipa, Peru

General Manager of Mega Plaza, Percy Vigil has announced that a $40 million investment will be made by the Gloria Group, the Wiese Group associated with the Parque Arauco de Chile in the construction of a new mall in Arequipa, Peru. It is planned for the new mall to be located in the district of Bustamante y Rivero. Although the first stage of construction only requires the use of 40,000 square meters the area to be used is 81,700 square meters in size. In 3 weeks it is planned for several edifices in the area to be demolished so construction of the new mall can begin.

Two tourist circuits within Machu Picchu will be promoted

“Machu Picchu Classic” and “Machu Picchu Complete” are two of the tourist circuits which are planned in order to improve the control of visits to the Inca sanctuary. The first circuit includes a guided visit through the northern zone of the sanctuary to the place where the classic “postcard photograph” can be taken. The second circuit includes the access to the religious zone, among others, in a more complete trip that visitors will enjoy. (Travel Update)

Cotahuasi and Colca Canyons can be natural wonders

The beautiful landscapes, natural species and cultural expressions that Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons have, provide them with the necessary potential to be considered as Natural Wonders of the World. Both canyons have the necessary conditions to receive international awards. However, the Cotahuasi canyon has an advantage for being deeper and narrower. (Travel Update)