Peru’s Gianmarco Makes a Bang in Houston, Texas, United States

(LIP-ir) — "Sensational, fabulous, I didn’t know that there were artists of this magnitude in Peru." These were just some of the comments made by Latin American fans that gathered at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas.

In a concert that lasted almost 3 hours, the audience was able to enjoy Gianmarco, who is famous in Peru and several Latin American countries.

This was Gianmarco’s first time in the "Space City" of Houston, as he tries to make his way into a very difficult American market.

Despite the fact that Peru’s Gianmarco has written songs for Alejandro Fernandez, Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan – who won a Grammy for the song "Hoy" – he is not well known in the United States.

"Up until tonight I didn’t know Gianmarco had written the song ‘Hoy’ ," stated a Colombian at Gianmarco’s after party, held in a night club next to the stage.

During the concert, the group of almost 3,000 people stood up several times to give Gianmarco a standing ovation. He has been compared by Houston critics to Colombian singer Carlos Vives, not because of his music but because of the way Gianmarco is spreading Peruvian music the way Carlos Vives has spread Colombian music.

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