Congress Protests: People with Disabilities Not Permitted Marriage in Peru

(LIP-ir) — An article in Peru’s Civil Code, which has been in effect since 1984, states that deaf and blind people can not legally be married.

The article is now being questioned by those in congress that advocate the rights of people with disabilities.

According to Article 241 – Section 4 in Peru’s Civil Code, deaf and blind people, that can not undoubtedly express their will, can not get married.

The Code further states that the right to make such decisions is given exclusively to people over the age of 18, that are not included in Article, referring to people with partial or complete disabilities.

Analysts consider the code to clearly discriminate against people with disabilities in Peru. The Code is considered to be sectarian, discriminatory, an attack against equal rights and a violation of Peru’s constitution, which gives each individual these basic rights.

Miguel Urtecho, a congressman with a disability, has stated that the current Civil Code is obsolete and needs to be modified to better suit people with disabilities.