Peru’s Volunteer Fire Department Claims Equipment is Too Old

(LIP-ir) — The Chief of the Italian Firefighters Company has stated that a lack of adequate equipment, the majority of it being 20 years old, is one of the main problems Peru’s Volunteer Fire Department has.

"We have certain deficiencies," stated the Chief, "some of our units are using equipment from the 80’s."

He explained that it was time for officials in charge of the Fire Department to elaborate, plan and carry out a plan to provide Peru’s Fire Departments with and overdue change in equipment.

The Chief stated that the budget assigned to Peru’s Fire Department was too low to cover the work that had to be done. "Anything that can be added to the budget will be very significant."

Ferruzo explained that the fire station he runs, which has been serving the community for 141 years non-stop, is in need of a new branch with more modern facilities. It is being reviewed whether Peru’s first Fire Department, founded in Lima in 1866, will be able to purchase a new station.

Ferruzo also reported the success of a new fire prevention program for 2007. The Winter Session, in which students from a school in San Juan de Lurigancho – accompanied by their parents were taught about fire safety for 3 days, has recently come to an end.

Ferruzo stated that this was the first time a seminar of this nature had lasted for 3 days. A plan to take this program to schools all over Peru has already been designed.