Peru’s DEVIDA Helps Farmers Eradicate Illegal Coca Fields

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s National Commission for a Drug-Free Life (DEVIDA) reported that 33 thousand 550 families have joined the new "Voluntary Eradication of Illegal Coca Plantation" program.

Peru’s DEVIDA reported that due to the number of families and individuals that joined in the fight to eradicate illegal coca plant production in Peru, 24 thousand 131 hectares of land have now been established for legal farming and 206 infrastructures have been built.

The commission stated that this success has been achieved by aiding farmers in their legal harvests of the coca plant. The Sustainable Development Program helps farmers taking part in the eradication of illegal coca plant fields, by helping them with their new smaller, but legal, coca plantation.

It was reported that in the 2007 semester, 405 families from 41 different communities have supported the program and joined forces with DEVIDA.

With 27 thousand hectares set aside for its production, DEVIDA has also reported that the production of cocoa has become stronger in Peru. It is estimated that by the year 2011, cocoa will mean US$ 54 million for farmers.

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