Gamarra to be One of the Most Modern Shopping Centers in Peru

(LIP-ir) — Mayor of La Victoria, Alberto Sánchez Aizcorbe, has announced and assured that Gamarra will become one of the most modern shopping centers in Peru and Latin America.

This statement was made after the Mayor reported that Gamarra would undergo changes, which are to begin this month.

It was reported that the purpose of the changes was to reorganize and bring order to Gamarra. The first part of Gamara which is to undergo such changes is Sector A, which is the area between Aviación and Huanuco Avenues.

By reinforcing fences and reducing the number of entrances, the Mayor stated that the goal was to change Sector A into a closed center for commerce, making the area appear more like a shopping center.

Sánchez Aizcorbe informed that the project would begin with the remodeling of 8 blocks, in which sidewalks will be made 8 meters bigger on each side, reducing the street to 4 meters.

He commented that this first change, which is to begin on the fifth and sixth block of Antonio Bazo Avenue, would undoubtedly modernize Gamarra.

Another aspect of the project includes clearing the area of informal street vendors and sellers, 50 percent of which are from store owners that have an establishment in Gamarra.

Deals have been made with store owners so that they will only sell inside their stores. Another convenient factor is that the people who try to "pull" you into a store will no longer be allowed to do so.

Deals have also been made with food street vendors and money exchange handlers so as to control where and the way business is done. Emergency vehicles and garbage collectors will have separate entrances, while transport carts for merchants will have routes which do not get in the way of shoppers.