Peru’s Regional Government of Callao Gives Hundreds Property Deeds

(LIP-ir) — As part of an aggressive campaign, which Peru’s government began last January, Peru’s President of the Regional Government of Callao, Alex Kouri Bumachar, handed over 600 property deeds to hundreds of families in Ventanilla.

The deeds, which will benefit 3,000 people living in the areas of Oasis, Costa Azul, Cerro Cachito, Parcela C, Parcela 1 and people from the UPIS, were presented at a ceremony where Peru’s Vice-President, Luis Giampietri and the Minister of Housing, Hernán Garrido Lecca were present.

Among hundreds of people gathered at Oasis, Kouri Bumachar announced that the deeds, which are registered with the state, have been given out as part of the second stage of the program which is to give out 5,000 property deeds to people living in poverty.

The Minister of Housing then gave Bumachar the hundreds of deeds to be given to the different families living in the diverse regions of Callao. In addition to the hundreds of property deeds given to the people of Pachacútec in February, the total number of deeds, which has been given to the region’s people has reached the sum of 1,100.

Peru’s Regional President stated that the property deeds were not just a piece of paper, but an instrument that could be used for the peoples benefit. Housing Minister, Garrido Lecca, stated that this was the first step in the peoples fight to get out of poverty.

He added that Peru’s government would continue to help in the next steps, which included providing water service and access to programs which would allow people to purchase their own homes.