Peru’s Coffee Exports US$ 513 Million Last Year, This Year Industry Takes a Loss

(LIP-ir) — A substantial increase in Peru’s coffee production over the past years can be seen when the 81 thousand pounds produced in 1990, are compared to the 350 thousand pounds that were produced in 2006.

Due to its trade value, Peru’s coffee is considered important in the country’s economy. President of Peru’s Chamber of Coffee and Cocoa, Luis Navarro Váscones, reported that last year alone, coffee exports amounted to US$ 513 million.

Navarro Váscones also reported that coffee production is the main agricultural activity in the high jungle, where it supports 150 thousand families, which cultivate it for a living.

Amid all of the positive reports, President of Peru’s National Coffee Assembly (JNC), César Rivas Peña, has stated that production level is highly at risk, due to the fact that the plants, which account for the massive production of coffee in Peru, are old.

Rivas Peña stated that financial help was needed so the old plants could progressively be replaced. He added that Peru’s coffee industry would suffer a 460 million sole loss due to the old plants.

Rivas Peña added that another problem was that producing coca plants was easier and much more profitable for farmers than producing coffee, due the frailty of the plant.

A meeting has been scheduled with Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture to try and solve the problem. Rivas Peña stated that a prepared plan will be presented, at which time help in replacing the old plants will also be requested.

José Luis Camino, the main advisor for the Ministry of Agriculture has stated that the Ministry is willing to help, acknowledging that coffee is an important export in Peru.

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