Peru: Week in Review, Sunday August 12


Choose from a selection of over 45 of Peru’s top stories this week.

Monday, August 6

Tourism in Peru Update – August 6
Photo of the day – Proud to be Peruvian
Ripley Chain to Invest in More Stores for Shopping in Peru
Peru: Food Prices Decrease by Almost 50 Percent in Lima
Rangel and U.S. Democrat Committee Visit Peru – In Favor of FTA
Peru’s Volunteer Fire Department Claims Equipment is Too Old
Minister Clarifies that Peru Will Not Pay for New Police Patrol Cars
The History Channel Airs 3 Shows about Peru, Digging for the Truth
Anglo American Signs Contract for Michiquillay Copper Project in Peru

Tuesday, August 7

Energy Gas del Peru & Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Form New Company
Photo of the day – U.S. Congress Sends President Garcia a Letter
Lima, Peru Begins Campaign Against Transit/Traffic Violations
Peru World’s Number 2 Cocoa Producer, Main Exports to Switzerland
Northern Peru Copper Corp. Discovers Gold-Silver-Zinc-Lead Prospect
Peru’s Commission for Tourism Announces Record in Foreign Arrivals
Peru’s U-18 Volleyball Team in FIVB Girls’ Youth World Championship
Renco Group Doe Run Peru Copper to Build $29mn Plant La Oroya
Peru’s New Soccer Coach "Chemo" del Solar Sets Rules with Press
Tragic Bus Accident in Peru Kills 14 and Injures 35

Wednesday, August 8

Survey Reveals Choice Between Dictatorship or Democracy in Peru
Peru: Photo of the day – A Peaceful March
Dynamite Bomb Found Inside Backpack at Market in Puno, Peru
253 Kilos of Cocaine from Peru Seized by Police in Valencia Spain
Peru’s Alan Garcia to Enforce Stricter Measures on Bus Companies
Peru’s DEVIDA Helps Farmers Eradicate Illegal Coca Fields
CGTP Workers Union Leaves Peru’s New Social Alliance
U.S. Congress Representative Charles Rangel Backs Trade Deal in Peru

Thursday, August 9

Over 300 of Peru’s Archaeological Pieces Recovered in Miami, U.S.
Transportation Commission in Peru to Eradicate Bus-Trucks
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez to Open More Programs and Offices in Peru
U.S Republican Karen Hughes Supports FTA with Peru
Peru: Photo of the day – Bus and Truck Collide
Carnegie Group Reveals Damage Done to Peru’s Rain Forest
Peru: Humala Possibly Released From Prison After Assault on Police Station
Peru’s Regional Government of Callao Gives Hundreds Property Deeds
Gamarra to be One of the Most Modern Shopping Centers in Peru
Peru’s Transportation Ministry Requests Homicide Charges on Bus Company

Friday, August 10

Congressmen in Peru Show More Support for Aid from Venezuela
3 German Tourists Detained at the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru
Bierhaus Nightclub Closed Down in Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Peaceful Manifestation Supporting Tourism and Tourists in Cusco
Peru’s Coffee Exports US$ 513 Million Last Year, This Year Industry Takes a Loss
Peru’s Ministry of Transportation Releases List of Hazardous Bus Companies
Yale University and Peru Agree on Thousands of Machu Picchu Artifacts
Peru’s Chancellor Questioned on Bolivia-Chile Agreement for Maritime Access
Peru’s Government to Release List of Hazardous Bus Services