10 Thousand Citizens Granted Property Deeds by Peru’s Housing Ministry

(LIP-ir) — 10 thousand of Peru’s citizens in northern provinces such as Sechura, Morropón, Piura, Paita, Sullana and Ayabacawere were recognized as the legitimate owners of the land they have been living on for several years.

This was thanks to the 2,293 property deeds which were given to them by Peru’s Housing Minister, Hernán Garrido Lecca.

Minister Garrido Lecca arrived to Sechura and gave Province Mayor Santos Valentín Querevalú Periche 542 deeds for the people of that province. The Minister then made his way to Chulucanas, where he granted Mayor Fermín Edilberto Farías Zapata, with 878 mored deeds for his people.

In the afternoon, Peru’s Minister awarded 873 property deeds to the Mayors of Piura, José Eugenio Aguilar Santisteban; Paita, Alejandro Torres Vega; Sullana, Jaime Bardales Ruiz; and Ayabaca, Humberto Marchena Villegas, who are to administer the deeds to the people in their provinces.

Peru’s Housing Minister reported that between August 2006 and July 2007, 114,365 property deeds were handed over nationwide, benefiting 500 thousand Peruvians.

Garrido Lecca stated that the deeds would formally include these people in Peru’s economic system, giving them the chance to request loans, which would allow them to improve their homes or start a small business.

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