Rural Areas of Cañete and Pisco, Peru Still Have Not Received Help

(LIP-ck) — Living in Peru’s, Chef David Jesson, who headed south earlier this morning to distribute what Dream Center Peru had been able to collect yesterday, called to share his observations and to report that he was stranded in Lunahuana, 38 km east of Cañete.

The mayor, who had not been in contact with any authorities yet, informed Jesson that 600 houses had collapsed and that the population needed blankets, tents, food and water.

Many smaller villages around Pisco are experiencing the same lack of attention and are in desperate need of supplies, which according to several eye witnesses, are waiting to be distributed at the airport and Plaza de Armas in Pisco, where the military is upgrading its presence.

Living in Peru co-founder, Kenneth Bengtsson, is presently in Pisco and reports that there are now armed soldiers everywhere and only visitors with special permission can enter Pisco’s inner city.

Both local and international search teams are still working hard to find survivors, but are running against time. From the “Embassy” hotel, rescue teams have discovered 8 more bodies so far, which cannot be identified, due to the conditions of the bodies, which have been lying in warm and sunny weather during the day and very low temperatures throughout the night.

Thanks to the former US ambassador to Peru, James Curtis Struble and the Minister of Health, Carlos Vallejos, US forces arrived to Pisco to establish a hospital in the local stadium earlier.

According to Peru’s La Republica newspaper, our president Alan Garcia claims that no robberies have occurred, at least not in Chincha, since no police reports have been filed since the earthquake.

Kenneth is staying in Pisco to gather information and report to CBS and David Jesson, with help from locals, will continue his journey further east and hopefully arrive to Catahuasi before midnight.

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