Peru: Week in Review – Aug 13 – 18


Choose from a selection of 60 of Peru’s top stories this week.

Monday, August 13

Chile Maritime Limits Map Published in Government Newpaper
Peru’s Health Ministry Announces Strike After Months of Negotiations
Trade between Peru & China Up 35 Percent, US$5 Billion in 2007
Health Minister Reveals 25 Percent of Medicine in Peru is Adulterated
Oil & Gas – Barrett Resources Peru, LLC Retains Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Peru’s Alan Garcia Approves Purchase of Hundreds of New Ambulances
Peru’s New Guinness World Record Fountains in Lima Under Scrutiny
Mayor in Lima, Peru Says No to Children Begging
"Patch" Adams in Peru
Ministry of Transport Stricter on Bus Services in Peru

Tuesday, August 14

Peru Prepares for World Court at Hague Over Border Dispute with Chile
10 Thousand Citizens Granted Property Deeds by Peru’s Housing Ministry
Tourism to Mahcu Picchu Peru has Risen for 6 Consecutive Months
Poll: Approval of President Alan Garcia Continues to Decrease in Peru
International Minerals Corporation & Barrick Peru Begin Gold – Silver Project
Patients with Cataracts in Puno, Peru are Treated Free of Charge
16 Thousand Doctors Plan National Strike / Protest in Peru
U.S. Kuntur Gas Transport to Invest $680 Million in Cusco, Peru
Coca Farmers to Strike / Protest Eradication of Coca Plant in Peru
Elevator Falls

Wednesday, August 15

Defense Minister Discards Threat of War Between Chile – Peru
Congress Questions Purchase of Hundreds of Police Vehicles
Peru’s Soccer Selection Trains for the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2007
Authorities Restrict Traffic on Main Highway (Via Expresa) in Peru
Doctor’s in Peru Do Not Participate in National Strike / Protest
Drug Traffickers & Remnants of Shining Path Terrorists Arrested in Peru
2 Minute Tremor with Earthquake Characteristics Felt Across Peru
7.5 Degree (Richter) Level VI (Mercalli) Earthquake in Pisco, Peru
7.5 Degree Earthquake Epicentrum Reported to be in Peru’s Ocean
Evacuation Begins in Callao Peru After Tsunami Warning
Update – Powerful earthquake shakes Peru, 48 dead and 360 wounded
Evacuation stopped in Callao, Peru – Tsunami Warning Canceled

Thursday, August 16

Damage Review – Peru After the Earthquake
UPDATE – 337 killed and 1350 left injured in Peru
Peru’s Civil Defense forms Contingent to Provide Humanitarian Aid
2 Prisons Collapse in Ica, Peru after 7.9 Degree Earthquake
324 Aftershocks / Tremors Registered after Earthquake in Peru
Señor de Luren Church in Ica, Peru Collapses – Statue Spared
Texas, U.S. Organizes Humanitarian Aid for Peru after Earthquake
ECHO Launches €1m Aid Project for Earthquake Victims in Peru
Chile Aids Peru Despite Maritime Border Dispute
Peru’s Alan Garcia Declares Public Buildings to be Used as Shelters
Damage Update – Peru After the Earthquake

Friday, August 17

350 Volunteers Arrive to Pisco, Peru to Aid Earthquake Victims
Peru Begins Aid / Help Campaign For Earthquake Victims in Pisco
Peru’s INDECI Reports on Houses Destroyed / Earthquake Casualties
Aftershocks After Earthquake Continue in Peru (Pisco, Chincha, Ica)
Canada Joins in Relief Effort for Victims of Earthquake in Peru
European Union (EU) Provides Relief for Victims of Earthquake in Peru
Reports of American among Victims of Earthquake in Ica / Pisco, Peru
Mayor of Chincha, Peru Requests Shelter for Victims of Earthquake
People in the U.S. Provide Relief for Victims of Earthquake in Peru
Lack of Supplies Slows Down Help in Pisco and Other Areas Hit by Earthquake

Saturday, August 18

FIFA U-17 World Cup in Korea, Peru’s Soccer Selection Wins Debut Match
Baby Born in Pisco Main Square After Earthquake Strikes Peru
Peru’s Military Sends 1,000 Soldiers to Keep Ica, Chincha, Pisco Safe
European Commission Continues Aid to Earthquake Victims in Peru
Helicopter Shipping Aid Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Ica, Peru
85 Percent of Downtown Pisco Destroyed After Earthquake in Peru
Collapsed Hospital in Pisco, Peru Helps Thousands
Rural Areas of Cañete and Pisco, Peru Still Have Not Received Help