At Least 8 Children Born in Ica, Pisco, Chincha, Peru Since Earthquake

(LIP-ir) — It has been estimated that at least 8 children have been born among the rubble and debris of what is left of the Region of Ica.

Since the devastating earthquake that struck Peru on August 15, doctors have had the task of delivering babies under difficult circumstances.

A woman gave birth today to a baby boy in the Province of Chincha located in the Ica Region.

According to the medics that were present, the 40 year-old woman, identified as Dora Peve, was helped by two firefighters, Felipe Muñoz and Jessica Rebatta.

The baby boy is in good health and was named after the ambulance driver that helped deliver him, Alejandro.

Peve was later transported to San José de Chincha Hospital, where she was seen for the retention of the placenta.

Hospital sources told Peru’s Andina News Agency that Peve is being taken care of at the hospital and will rest until she is ready to leave. It was reported that this was not the first birth that has taken place in Chincha since the earthquake.

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