Limited Edition Pisco as Token of Appreciation for Foreign Aid to Peru

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s government has announced that it will produce a limited series of the country’s renowned brandy as a token of appreciation.

Pisco 7.9 is the name of this limited edition of Pisco that will be produced.

Pisco 7.9 will be given as a token of gratitude and appreciation to those that came from abroad to aid the country after it was hit by a 7.9 degree earthquake on August 15.

Pisco, approximately 50 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake, was the province that suffered the most damage. People, nationally and internationally, are helping the city come out of its ruins.

Peru’s Minister of Production, Rafael Rey, has explained that less than one thousand (numbered) bottles, of Peru’s national drink, will be produced to be distributed. In a meeting with foreign press, Rafael Rey announced the decision to produce the brandy which has historically been produced along Peru’s coast.

A special label has also been made for the token bottles which are to be distributed, stating, "A token, from the millenarian city of Pisco, for your solidarity and help after the August 15 2007 earthquake.

Warmly, the people of Peru and the people of Pisco."

The bottles of Pisco 7.9, which bear the earthquake’s Richter scale degree, are to be given to foreign authorities in appreciation of all the aid that has been provided.

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