Peru: Limited Edition Pisco 7.9 Considered Inappropriate

(LIP-ir) — Yesterday, Peru’s Minister of Production, Rafael Rey, announced the debut of the limited edition bottle of Pisco, that is to be given as a token of the Peruvian Government’s appreciation to all those that contributed in relief efforts during Peru’s time of crisis.

It was announced that less than 1,000 bottles of this exclusive line of brandy would be produced in honor of all the aid foreign countries provided in an effort to help all of the victims of the disastrous magnitude-8 earthquake that shook Peru for over 2 minutes on August 15.

This limited edition Pisco was to be called Pisco 7.9, named after what is thought to be the Richter Scale degree of the earthquake. A special label was made thanking all foreigners for the solidarity they have shown Peru.

Peru’s government has had to retract the name placed on this limited edition Pisco after experts stated that Pisco 7.9 was not an appropriate name for the brandy.

"I would like to announce that even though production will continue, the name will be changed, provided that there are different points of views. I have done it with the best intentions and I have to say that it hurts that there are interpretations which are far from the truth," stated Peru’s Minister of Production.

Minister Rey also clarified that the project had been organized and begun by Pisco producers in the affected areas. He stated that it had been their way of honoring the earthquake victims.

The new name has not been revealed yet.

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Limited Edition Pisco as Token of Appreciation for Foreign Aid to Peru (by LIP, Aug 23, 2007)