Peru: 430 Firefighters Attempt to Control Forest Fire in Machu Picchu Archaeological Park

(LIP-ir) — 70 members of Peru’s army have joined in the effort to put out the forest fire that began on Wednesday at the Machu Picchu archaeological park.

It has been reported that the blaze has not caused damage to the famous Inca citadel.

According to Andina News Agency, Forest Rangers in Cusco have reported that the fire, which began on the left side of the Vilcanota River, is currently ablaze between the 96th and 99th kilometer of the Cusco-Machu Picchu railway.

When the fire was reported to be spreading on Thursday, Peru’s National Institute for Culture sent 100 men to combat the blaze. These one hundred added to the one hundred which had already been fighting the fire.

Despite firefighter reports, indicating that the flames were progressively being controlled, it was announced today that 70 men from Peru’s military have been sent to battle the inferno, making the total number of people fighting the fire, 430.

Peru’s El Comercio newspaper reported that the intense smoke has made it more difficult to contain the fire. Nevertheless, strong winds have blown the fire towards the east, pushing it further from the beloved Inca sanctuary.

According to authorities, the forest fire has not affected any monuments or tourist activity in the area. However, it has damaged hectares of the archaeological park’s fauna and flora.

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