Peru’s Military Raids Shining Path Terrorist Campsite – 10 Men Captured

(LIP-ir) — Local press in the the Region of Huánuco reported that in a combined effort between Peru’s National Police and Peru’s Army, 10 alleged members of the terrorist group Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) were caught in the jungle.

It was reported that two of the prisoners, which managed to escape, were part of the bodyguard squad for "Comrade Artemio," the only remaining leader of the terrorist group not in prison.

"Comrade Artemio" and his forces center their activities in the jungle regions of Huánuco and San Martín, located in the central-eastern part of the country. The Shining Path terrorist group focuses its efforts on providing security and support for drug traffickers in Peru’s jungle.

Huallaga Front Chief, Edwin Palomino, reported that among the prisoners were 3 of the men that took part in the murder of 3 Peruvian police officers and a regional prosecutor in June.

Palomino stated that the terrorists had been caught as a part of the "Storm in the Jungle" operation, which targeted 3 "Sendero" (Shining Path) campsites located along the Huallaga River, where a large quantity of coca plants are illegally grown and destined for smuggling.

Automatic weapons, bulletproof vests and food supplies were found at the campsites.

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