Regional President of Ica, Peru Rejects Earthquake Reconstruction Committee

Regional President of Ica, Rómulo Triveño
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — Regional President for the Region of Ica, Peru, Rómulo Triveño, has openly expressed that he objects the action Peru’s Federal Government took when it formed FORSUR, a committee which is to oversee the reconstruction of the Region of Ica and other regions which were affected by the earthquake on August 15.

On the other hand, Peru’s Prime Minister, Jorge del Castillo, has invited Rómulo Triveño to a meeting in which an understanding, with respect to FORSUR, could be reached.

In addition, the prime minister stated that Triveño was acting irresponsibly and was not well-informed about the committee and fund which would help Peru’s earthquake victims.

Nevertheless, the Regional Council of Ica has rejected the law which created FORSUR, stating it was "unconstitutional" and demanding that the Regional President of Ica interpose in the continuation of FORSUR.

In an announcement, it was stated that the law, which was approved by Peru’s Congress on Tuesday, contradicted articles 188 and 191 in Peru’s Constitution, which refer to the decentralization of Peru’s Regions as well as their political, economic and administrative autonomy.

In addition, Ica’s civil servants stated that the constitution gave them the exclusive right to "promote and execute public investments in regional projects such as roads, power, communications and other basic services."

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