Peru: Mayor of Miraflores Places Restrictions on Night Clubs in Lima

Mayor of Miraflores, Manuel Masias accompanied by neighbors that demand peace and quiet.
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s La Republica newspaper reported today, that in a continuous effort to preserve the peace in the touristic district of Miraflores, Mayor Manuel Masías continues to tighten up on night club owners and other such establishments.

An agreement is to be signed by night club owners on Calle de las Pizzas (Pizza Street) that they will no longer receive patrons after two in the morning.

Calle de las Pizzas, a strip of night clubs, video pubs, karaoke lounges and bars across from Kennedy Park in Miraflores, is a popular hang out for many that wish to enjoy the night life in Lima, Peru

According to the agreement, which is to be signed by next week, night clubs on Calle de las Pizzas will not be able to serve customers past 2 a.m.

In addition, Peru’s La Republica newspaper reported that the Miraflores mayor, stated that discrepancies between night club owners and the municipality had been solved. It was reported that Tony Dulzaides, the owner of Son de Cuba, did not agree with the new restrictions.

The Miraflores mayor also announced that the entire strip would be modernized and that new lighting as well as security cameras would be added to the area. The presence of more serenazgos, auxilary police, will also be provided by Peru’s Municipality of Miraflores.

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