Two Children Die Playing The Choking Game in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — A ten year-old boy, who had apparently been playing the Choking Game, was found hung in his home in San Juan de Lurigancho, a district located in the northern part of the Lima Metropolitan Area.

Ten year-old, Luis Alonso Sánchez Campos, was found on the roof of his home with his jacket tied around his neck, hanging from a beam on Wednesday August 29.

Peru’s La Republica newspaper reported that two other children had taken part in the Choking Game and had fled the scene when Sánchez died.

According to police reports, Luis Alonso committed suicide after his friend Gerson Vega, lost his life one month ago in the same manner. Police reports state that "he missed his friend."

"My son didn’t kill himself. He was happy. We studied together. He was a normal boy that liked to joke," stated Luis’ father, Luis Alberto Sánchez López.

Luis’ aunt, Janet Tafur, explained, "My nephew knew about the game. His parents had told him never to do that since that was the way his friend died."

It was reported that Luis found out about the Choking Game on the internet.

The Choking Game is not technically a game but a dare in which participants prove their bravery or an activity used to experience a brief "high" or euphoric feeling. The process relies primarily on producing unconsciousness or near unconsciousness restricting the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Two methods are used in this deadly game, strangulation and self-induced hypocapnia.