Peru’s Beer Consumption Increases While Beer Prices Decrease

(LIP-ir) — One of Peru’s leading beer companies, AmBev Peru, anticipates that the production of beer will increase by 15 percent in Peru.

AmBev Peru, producer of Brahma beer, also predicted that 10 million 400 thousand hectoliters of beer would be consumed by customers this year, meaning that there will be an average consumption of 34 liters per person.

The increase in consumption has been attributed to the fact that there is now more competition on the beer market because of the increase in brands. Last week, Aje company introduced a new beer to Peru, Franca.

It has also been foreseen that due to competition, by the end of the year, beer prices will have decreased by 10 percent when compared to 2006.

The offers Cristal beer currently has are three 650 ml bottles for 9 soles and 50 cents, while Brahma is selling four 650 ml bottles for 9 soles and 50 cents. Franca has entered the market selling three 700 ml bottles for 8 soles.

"We sacrifice a margin of profit but we recover it when we sell larger quantities," stated Manuel Rangel, Marketing manager for AmBev Peru.