Peru: Miraflores Night Club is Shut Down by Municipal Authorities

(LIP-ir) — Downtown night club, located in the heart of Miraflores, has been the cause of much controversy between the Municipality of Miraflores, Miraflorean neighbors, business owners in Miraflores and the gay community.

After having been shut down and reopened several times, the night club’s future is not clear yet. In June, Peru’s Justice Power ruled that Downtown night club could continue serving the public.

Once the night club was reopened it did not continue operating for very long before the Municipality of Miraflores shut its doors once again.

One of the last times the night club was closed was in August. According to the Municipality of Miraflores, the night club had several tax violations and was therefore closed. However, the administrators of the Miraflores night club attempted to reopen Downtown on Saturday.

The Municipality of Miraflores, with the aid of Peru’s police, immediately responded and shut the club down once again. According to Municipal district authority, Fernando Martínez, administrators attempted to use one of the night club’s six trade names (business names) to reopen on Saturday night.

The legal representative for Downtown night club, Jasson Núñez, stated that the administrators of Downtown had requested permission to reopen the night club and the Municipality of Miraflores had failed to send the appropriate notification to Downtown’s legal offices.

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