“Peru is not part of the pact between Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia”

(LIP-ir) — The General Director for Peru’s International Cooperation Agency (APCI), Agustín Haya de la Torre, has warned that ALBA can not have offices in Peru due to the fact that Peru is not part of that pact.

Haya de la Torre made these statements before Peru’s National Defense Commission and also reported the activities which were taking place in the "ALBA Houses" which have opened in different regions of the country.

"ALBA is a decision between four countries: Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia; Peru is not part of the agreement, therefore ALBA should not open offices in Peru because there is not a membership to these sites," stated the APCI General Director.

ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas), an agreement proposed by Venezuela as an alternative to agreements with the U.S., has already opened offices in Puno, Cusco and Lima. In addition, it has provided aid for hundreds of Peruvians in other regions.

The establishment of these "ALBA Houses" has been considered as an intrusion by many of Peru’s congressmen. Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez, has stated that the establishments are merely "symbolic".

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