Peru: Passenger of Sunken Tourism Yacht Blames Crew Members for Tragedy

The Chief of Callao’s Captaincy shows a picture of the Nebaska Voda
© La Republica

(LIP-ir) — Three days after the tourism yacht ‘Nebaska Voda’ sunk, one of its passengers has decided to speak up about what happened on board and what caused the accident.

One of the survivors has blamed the captain and his crew for the accident which left 49 people stranded in the ocean and a 25-year-old woman dead.

"The navigator made a sharp turn when returning to port. Due to the imprudent maneuver all of the passengers were thrown to the left side of the boat and that destabilized it…" stated José Da Giau, a young businessman on board the yacht the night of the accident.

"It’s not fair that they try and blame the passengers for what happened. They (the crew) caused the tragedy," said Da Giau. When placing the blame, Da Giau referred specifically to Julio Cerna Chuquivel, Tomás Serrano Rojas and Carlos Schiantarelli.

Da Giau, who is to speak to police, insisted, "The turn was criminal. In just a few seconds the yacht turned over. There weren’t life vests. Port authorities lied when they assured that the Nebeska Voda was a safe ship and everything was in order."

According to Peur’s La Republica newspaper the yacht is still underwater and has not been found.

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