Peru: XVIII Mining Convention – Hundreds of Mining Companies Meet in Arequipa

(LIP-ir) — The XVIII Mining Convention, organized by Peru’s Mining Engineers Institute, began on Monday September 10 at the Tecsup campus in Arequipa.

The event has brought together 20,000 people and is considered to be the most important mining event in Latin America.

During the inauguration of the mining convention at the Arequipa Chamber of Commerce, Jaime Quijandría, President of the XVIII Mining Convention, reported that when compared to the convention that was held in 2005, the event has shown a 20 percent growth.

"A larger number of participating companies have been registered. For example, the Technological Mining Exhibition (EXTEMIN) has 725 stands – 547 of which are national companies while 165 are international, this surpasses figures registered up until now," explained Quijandría.

According to Peru’s RPP news, 32 countries will be present from September 10 – 14 at the XVIII Mining Convention being held in Arequipa. The theme which has been chosen for this year’s mining conventions is: ‘Mining: United efforts for Peru’s Development’.