Hundreds of Young People Build Houses after Earthquake in Peru

Teams of 5 -7 volunteers can build a house in 1 -2 days.
© Un techo para mi pais

(LIP-ir) — The Latin American Association, "Un techo para mi país" (A Roof for my country) is to build 2,500 provisional housing units for the families that lost their homes during the magnitude-8 earthquake on August 15.

Spokesperson for the organization, Gonzalo Talavera, explained that hundreds of young people were helping in the effort to aid the homeless families. He stated that the young men and women volunteered every weekend to help.

"We’ve set, as our goal, to build no just one thousand but 2,500 homes by August 2008 and not just in Pisco but in Cañete, Chincha and other places," said Talavera.

In addition, Talvera explained that a group of volunteers, consisting of five to seven people, could build a house in one or two days.

"Beforehand we identify who would benefit the most and then we start building. We build on the family’s properties," said the organization’s spokesperson. Furthermore he stated that the funds to carry out these volunteer projects came from private companies and fund raisers the association organized.

Talavera assured that the houses were easy to build and that it was not necessary for volunteers to have experience, skills or abilities in construction.

"Apart from building the houses, we talk to the families that lost their homes, we find out about their problems and see the country’s reality."

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