Arequipa, Peru: Prime Minister Inaugurates Water System for 6,000 People

(LIP-ir) — The Mayor of the Alto Selva Alegre district in the Region of Arequipa, Peru gave great emphasis to the visit that Peru’s Prime Minister, Jorge del Castillo will make to Arequipa today.

Mayor Antonio Gamero stated that the main reason for the visit Peru’s Premier was to make, was to inaugurate a water and sewage system the would benefit 6,000 people.

According to Peru’s Andina News Agency, the new water system would benefit the residents of the areas in Villa Aviación, Eduardo de la Pinela and Sor Ana de los Ángeles, all of which are on the outskirts of Peru’s famous ‘White City’.

The President of Peru’s Council of Minister will also have a meeting with the Mayors of the different districts in Arequipa in an effort to find out, discuss and solve the problems they each have in their jurisdictions.

Prime Minister Del Castillo stated that he planned to continue meeting with Arequipa’s Mayors to stay informed on what is happening in the region. Thus supporting them in solving district problems.

Peru’s Andina News Agency also reported that after his meeting with the mayors of Arequipa, Prime Minister Del Castillo would end the XXVIII Mining Convention currently being held in the city.

The XXVIII Mining Convention is to conclude after former Chilean President, Ricardo Lagos holds a conference with the participants.

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