Ambassador Speaks on Peru-Canada Relations, HMCS Regina Visits Peru

(LIP-ir) — Canada’s Navy ship, the HMCS REGINA visited Peru this week to participate in boarding exercises and engage in diplomatic and military relations with Peru.

During the ships visit, Canada’s Ambassador in Peru, Geneviève des Rivières stated that Peru and Canada had an excellent relationship in several different areas.

"In Ottawa last week, Peru and Canada’s negotiation teams successfully completed the second round of negotiations for a free trade agreement. Furthermore, Peruvian and Canadian civil employees are working with the United Nations and the Organization of American States to strengthen democracy and human rights around the world", stated Canada’s Ambassador.

The Ambassador also noted how Peruvian and Canadian troops had served and worked together in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, supporting and strengthening Haiti’s institutions. "With the help of the countries present, Canada and Peru are committed to finding a solution in Haiti", said Canada’s Ambassador.

Canada’s Ambassador stated that summits such as the 2008 APEC Forum, which is to be held in Peru, were evidence that the two countries were working together.

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