Organization Protests Violation of Freedom of the Press in Peru

(LIP-ir) — The organization, Reporters Without Borders protested today the closing of Radio Orion in Pisco and condemned pressure and threats made by Peru’s Government against Radio Cutivalu in Piura .

Reporters Without Borders claims that Peru’s government used a bogus administrative reason to shutdown Radio Orion on September 13 and that "Radio Cutivalu" in Piura has been bombarded by telephone and email threats.

The organization issued a press release today stating that "the justice system should remind the authorities involved of the need to respect freedom of the press."

According to Reporters Without Borders, Peru’s government brutally closed down the radio station in Pisco in an attempt to censor comments Radio Orion was making.

On the other hand, Peru’s Prime Minister del Castillo reported that the radio station had been broadcasting false information that Peru’s Government had to indemnify Pisco’s earthquake victims. The Premier stated that riots had been caused and protests were being organized because of the radio stations actions.

According to Peru’s government, the radio station was shutdown because it no longer had a license to operate.

In its press release, Reporters Without Borders stated that the government had in fact closed the radio station down because "national authorities were angry at criticism aired by Radio Orión about aid and compensation to victims."

Official Press Release

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