Police Officers Hospitalized After Collecting Meteorite Samples in Peru

Local police reported that the supposed meteorite made a hole 6 meters (19 feet) deep and 30 meters (98 feet) wide.
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(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Government News Agency reported yesterday that at least seven police officers were affected after they collected samples from the landing site of what is thought to be meteorite.

It was reported that a glowing object fell from the sky and crashed in the town of Carancas, located in the Region of Puno, Peru.

Regional Health Director, Jorge López Tejada, stated that the police officers had been dizzy, nauseous and some were vomiting.

The officers which had been sent to collect samples from the supposed meteorite site were sent to the Desaguadero Hospital and later to the Police Hospital in Puno, Peru.

Peru’s RPP News reported that Tejada stated, "At Desaguadero they were given oxygen and rehydrated. Once they were stabilized they were sent to the other hospital." In addition, Tejada stated that there was a strong odor in the area which was causing panic among the townspeople.

Tejada also informed that there are 500 families which live near the supposed meteorite landing site which have been affected with nausea, migraines and vomiting. He has requested that police authorities close off the landing site so that people do not continue getting to close.

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