GOCARD – Marketing Innovations Premiere in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — An international sensation has arrived to Lima, Peru and is sweeping across commercial establishments throughout the country’s main and largest city.

In a press release issued yesterday, The GOCARD™ team debuted in Lima what has been popular in other parts of the world for 15 years now. The GOCARD™ concept has been officially introduced to businesses as well as consumers in Peru.

Combining the needs of advertisers and consumers alike, GOCARDs™ are the latest and most innovative approach to marketing in Lima, Peru. GOCARDs™ – which will be available in Lima’s most popular restaurants, bars, and cafes – are absolutely free.

To an advertiser they are a powerful means of communication and at the same time a real value to the consumer. Apart from their obvious value as postcards, GOCARDs™ are being used as decorations, labels e.g. on presents, collectors’ items, invitations and entertainment.

GOCARDs™ transmit original messages and possess an intrinsic value thanks to their design and format making them attractive for people to collect, share and enjoy; encouraging advertisers to think “outside the box” in order to create powerful, creative, and challenging campaigns.

The first cardholder has been placed in the Scena Restaurant in Miraflores and in upcoming days, sixty more will be located in cafes, bars and restaurants throughout Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco, Surco, San Borja and La Molina.

Peru will now join the dozens of other countries around the world taking advantage of this revolutionary means of advertising for companies and modern entertainment for consumers.

For a sneak peak at what is to come click here.