Peru’s Geophysicists Test for Radiation, Meteorite Sickness Caused by Toxic Gases

(LIP-ir) — Andina, Peru’s official government news agency reported today that the citizens of Carancas, located in the district of Desaguadero in Puno, Peru, are recovering from the initial sicknesses which were caused by the meteorite which landed in their village Saturday afternoon.

Puno’s Regional Health Director, Jorge López Tejada, stated that the peoples health had improved after they were seen by doctors. The cases of nausea, dizziness, migraines and vomiting were controlled by medication that was administered by the health brigades.

"They are recovering, there aren’t any critical cases. A total of 200 people with different symptoms have been seen," said López Tejada. In addition, Puno, Peru’s Health Director stated that blood samples had been taken from the 15 patients which had been closest to the meteorite.

"The geophysicists have determined that there isn’t radiation in the area, the problems people were having have been attributed to toxic subsoil gases which have not been specified yet," stated López Tejada.

The health authority has officially requested that people stay away from the glowing object that fell from the sky. He made this request due to the fact that many curious people have come from all over to observe the crater.

Medical personnel are to stay in Carancas, which is 1,300 km South of Lima, for at least one more week.

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