100 Km Solar Halo Seen Over 3 Provinces in Peru


(LIP-ir) — Air Force Commander Carlos Medina, the director of SENAMHI, Peru’s weather service, reported that at 11 a.m. today, a solar halo appeared above 3 provinces in the region of Ica.

"A solar halo was formed due to the presence of high clouds made up of ice crystals, which refract solar light, creating this optical phenomenon (which is) similar to a rainbow," said Medina.

Furthermore, Medina stated, "it’s really big and spectacular, it has a 42 degree angle and is 80 to 100 kilometers in diameter."

The solar halo, which could be seen from three different provinces in Ica, Peru, was reported to have been observed from Ica, Nasca and Palpa.

"They are generally seen in the summer, but it has been registered that a mass of air containing ice particles has entered (the atmosphere)." Thus, creating the optical phenomenon.

The spectrum of colors has caught the attention of many of Ica’s people. Some believe that it is a sign of bad luck, while others believe it is an augury which means that a prosperous farming year is to come.

Medina estimated that the solar halo would disappear within a few hours.

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