Beer Company in Peru to Improve Plant with US$250 Million Program

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s President Alan Garcia attended a special ceremony in which the beer manufacturing company, Backus presented its investment plan for the upcoming year.

Robert Priday, president of Backus announced that the beer company planned to invest $US250 million in a project which is to be carried out within the next year.

It was announced that the multi-million dollar project has been targeted primarily towards the purchase of machinery that will allow the beer company to massively increase its production nationwide. Moreover, the project has been designed to improve logistics so that its products are received by consumers in an optimum state.

Priday reported that the beer production plant in Motupe, Lambayeque, Peru would receive over US$11 million, an investment which would increase capacity by 50 percent and allow the plant to produce over 200 million liters of beer annually. This has been reported to be the second most important factory in Peru.

The Backus president proudly announced that due to the million dollar program the latest technology would be purchased and the beer production process would be greatly improved all around.

"Peru is in a great moment in which it can receive investments from around the world," stated President Alan Garcia to close the ceremony.