Marathon in Mallorca, Spain to Benefit Peru’s Earthquake Victims

(LIP-ir) — All of the funds which are collected in a marathon that is to be held in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain in August, will be donated to the people which are suffering after the August 15 earthquake left many of them homeless, without their families or a way to support themselves.

Organizers of the Marató per Relleus Ciutat de Manacor announced that the marathon would be held on October 7 in the area of Passeig des Ferrocarril in Manacor to aid those that had been affected by the magnitude-8 earthquake.

According to Mallorca daily, it has been estimated that nearly 200 people will participate in this year’s marathon. It was reported that this was the second time the marathon was being organized.

In last years event, 160 runners participated in the event in which runners were grouped into teams of four. Each runner had to run 10,548 meters until the team had run the total length of 42,195 meters.

Opel Cormotor company has announced that it will reward the group that can beat the 2 hour 7 minute 34 second record with 3 thousand euros.

Mallorca daily reported that the registration fee was 5 euros and that all proceeds would be donated to benefit the people that had been affected by the earthquake in Peru.