Peru: Fujimori Suffers Blood Pressure Problem in Jail

Former President Alberto Fujimori, right, escorted by police officers, arrives at the National Police headquarters in the outskirts of Lima, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007. Fujimori, who fled Peru seven years ago as his 1990-2000 government collapsed in scandal, was extradited from Chile to Peru to face human rights and corruption charges.
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Peru’s former president Alberto Fujimori suffered a collapse from high blood pressure Sunday in the Special Police Operations Directorate (Diroes), where he has been jailed since September 22, a Future Alliance (AF) legislator said.

Carlos Raffo, who had breakfast with Fujimori on Sunday morning, said he witnessed Fujimori’s health problem and suggested an intervention by nurse.

Three of Fujimori’s four children, Keiko, Kenyi and Sashi, have visited their father and would remain in the Diroes building all afternoon, said the legislator. Fujimori had previously asked the National Penitentiary Institution to allow visits on Wednesday and Sunday.

Fujimori was extradited from Chile to Lima on September 22 on charges of human rights abuses and corruption.

The human rights violations Fujimori is charged were related to the 1991 Barrios Altos massacre, in which Peruvian army’s special forces killed 15 people, including an eight-year-old child, in a Lima suburb, and the 1992’s La Cantuta University massacre, during which the army’s intelligence service raided the institution and kidnapped nine students and a professor who have been never seen again.

Fujimori suffers blood pressure problem in jail