Peru’s Ministry of Labor Offers 120 Thousand People Jobs

(LIP-ir)  —  Peru’s Labor Minister, Susana Pinilla, announced yesterday that the program Construyendo Perú has created jobs for a total of 71 thousand of Peru’s people.

In addition, the Labor Minister stated that the program’s goal was to provide work for a total of 120 thousand Peruvians. She explained that to reach such a goal it would be necessary to work with regional authorities and stated that it was urgent to meet with them.

Pinilla stated that the program greatly benefited families that were extremely poor, especially single mothers with children. She explained that the single mothers were provided with jobs that were important to the region they lived in.

Peru’s Labor Minister explained, "Before the program focused on providing (workers) with small construction tasks which were a lower specialty but now we are focusing on breeding grounds and seed plots, which are more rural tasks, that way the population and their mayor will chose the tasks based on their productive identity."

Minister Pinilla made these statements after having assisted a meeting focused on the decentralization of Peru. She asked the country’s regional governments to support the Construyendo Perú program.