Peru’s Geological Institute: Crater Where Meteorite Landed is to Disappear in 2 Months

(LIP-ir)  —  Peru’s Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (INGEMMET) announced today that the crater left by the meteorite that landed in a small town in Puno, Peru would disappear in two or three months.

Experts estiamted that the crater would be gone within this time because of the accumulation of dirt and water in the hole itself. They stated that the accumulation would be due to the rainy season this region of Peru is experiencing.

Director of Geology for Peru´s INGEMMET, Hernando Nuñez del Prado, stated that the roof which was to be built could keep the crater safe from the intense rain. He stated that the rain would increase the river’s activity, thus causing it to directly affect the crater.

"There will be no evidence that a meteorite had landed there," said Nuñez del Prado. The specialist said he was sorry because he knew that locals wanted the crater to be a tourist attraction.

Nuñez del Prado requested that no unauthorized person get close to the area where the meteorite had landed. He explained that the next two months should be dedicated to a serious investigation and a scientific study of the area.

After thesestudies are done, the specialist stated that scientists would search for and retrieve the meteorite which is several meters below the earth. In addition, he explained that an attempt to extract the water from the crater would not be made because it would be impossible. He stated that the earth was saturated with water and the crater would always be full.