Peru Police Chief States he did not Sell Meteorite Fragments to U.S. Collector

(LIP-ir) — The Chief of Police in the area where the meteorite landed on September 15, denied having sold fragments of the meteorite to Michael Farmer, a meteorite collector.

Peru’s El Comercio newspaper reported today that Victor Anaya, the Chief of Police in Desaguadero, Puno, Peru stated he did not sell fragments of the meteorite to the U.S. meteorite collector. Anaya stated that the accusations made by Farmer were "completely false."

Anaya explained that Farmer had made these accusations because Peru’s police had not permitted him into the crater left by the meteorite. According to Anaya, the meteorite collector only had a tourist pass and was therefore not authorized to take samples.

Anaya stated that only Peru’s scientists were permitted near the crater and allowed to take samples of the meteorite which landed in the region last month.

On the contrary, Erick Vidal, a specialist for Peru’s Geophysics Institute stated that Peru’s police had denied him access to the meteorite and did not allow him to do any research. In addition, Gavino Ramos Madani, a resident of the area, stated that Peru’s police had gathered the majority of the meteorite fragments.

In light of the accusations, Anaya has requested that Puno’s Regional Police open an investigation to clarify the accusations being made.

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