Amnesty International Urges Peru to Abolish the Death Penalty

(LIP-ir) — Andina News, Peru’s official government news agency, reported today that Amnesty International urged Peru’s government to support the resolution to abolish the death penalty worldwide.

It was reported that the resolution is to be presented during a session at the U.N. General Assembly.

Ismael Vega, director of the Peruvian branch of Amnesty International, stated that the death penalty had already been abolished by 130 countries and that Peru should join the effort.

"(Peru) should vote in favor of this motion," said Vega, referring to the initiative which the European Union had already taken to abolish the death penalty.

In a ‘live display’ located in downtown Lima, Peru, Amnesty International reenacted different methods of executions carried out when a person is sentenced to death. Peruvian actor Gustavo Bueno took part in the demonstrations of hangings, lethal injections, etc.

Vega stated that the death penalty should not be upheld in Peru. He explained that it was not a way to get rid of crime or eradicate delinquency. Furthermore, Vega stated that capital punishment did not provide any type of solution and was not a way of solving problems.