Peru’s President Alan Garcia Summons Citizens to Fulfill Duties and Volunteer in the National Census

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s President Alan Garcia requested that Peru’s people actively participate in the National Census which is to take place on Sunday October 21.

Peru’s RPP News reported today that President Garcia had requested that Peruvians help in the National Census by volunteering to help in polling people door to door.

President Garcia emphatically stated that all Peruvians could help the country by volunteering and dedicating several hours of that day to the highly important task of censusing the country.

Peru’s Chief of State pointed out that Peruvians had been forgetting their duties as citizens, stating that it was every Peruvians duty to help in censusing the country.

"This is the Duty of the Citizen year, we have forgotten that over the past months (…) part of a citizens duty is to help during the census and not only be a spectator," said Garcia.

President Alan Garcia also reminded Peru’s people that the information provided by the census was crucial in the government’s development of programs and the establishment of goals and obligations.

He officially requested that Peru’s people volunteer and help in the National Census on Sunday October 21. "I summon the citizens to participate in the census by being volunteers," stated President Garcia.