Unions Carry Out Transportation Strike in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Andina news agency reported this morning that only 30 percent of the transportation companies that are working throughout Lima, Peru are taking part in the strike which was planned for today, Monday October 15.

Peru’s National Police Chief, Octavio Salazar stated that 70 percent of the transportation companies continued working throughout the city and did not join in the strike.

Despite the minimal amount of transportation companies which have taken part in the strike, bus stops have been considerably congested throughout the city. It was reported that Peru’s National Police controlled the disruption and disorder at bus stops which were overflowing with commuters.

In addition, buses could be seen passing by jam-packed in some parts of the city. Police Chief Salazar also reported that thousands of Peru’s Police officers had been sent throughout the city to protect the transportation companies which had not joined the strike as well as all of their passengers.

Due to the number of commuters attempting to reach workplaces, schools as well as universities this morning and the lessened flow of vehicles, some transportation companies have begun to raise their fares.

Omar Calderón, President of the Association of Massive Urban Transport Companies (ASETUM), the union which organized the strike, stated that the strike was being held to protest the "unconstitutional nature" of the new safety and emissions inspections being done in Lima, Peru.

Some of Peru’s unions have complained that it is unfair that the safety and emissions inspections be handled by one company and by the Municipality of Lima.

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