Tourists in Peru to not be Inconvenienced on National Census Day

From today, October 15 to Thursday October 18, all those that have to work or will leave the country and not be present on October 21, the day of Peru’s National Census, will be polled.

It was announced that workers that have jobs in electric, water and phone companies as well as those that work in hospitals, clinics, airports and ports would be polled from October 15 to October 18.

Airport taxi drivers, security guards and people working in morgues and cemeteries as well as other industries which can not interrupt their tasks have also been considered.

It was reported that worker or employees would be surveyed at their company by a superior or someone assigned by Peru’s National Statistics Institute (INEI).

Peru’s INEI explained that on the day of the national census, the survey should be left at the person’s home so that a volunteer could pick it up on census day. In the case of a person that lives alone, the survey should be left at an INEI office on October 21.

It was also reported that all those which are to travel, whether on a domestic or international flight, should take their identification (DNI), passport and airline ticket to a census office in their district.

Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz assured that tourists in Peru would be able to move about without any inconveniences on National Census Day.