Peru’s INEI to Have Enough Volunteers for National Census

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s National Statistics Institute (INEI) announced today that it had 80 percent of the volunteers needed to carry out the national census which is to be held on October 21.

National Census Director for Peru’s INEI, Gaspar Morán stated that by tomorrow, almost the entire team of volunteers would be complete to perform the national census on Sunday.

"The majority of the volunteers are in schools, unfortunately last week we had a long weekend and there wasn’t a way to reach the high school seniors and many of the school’s had planned trips. This is the final stretch and we hope that by tomorrow we will be at 100 percent (volunteers)," said Morán.

In addition, Peru’s Census Director stated that training programs for the volunteers would keep running until Friday October 19. "It (training) began on Sunday (October 14) in 11 of the country’s departments," affirmed Morán.

All volunteers have been requested to take the one-day, four-hour training course so that they are prepared for census day. Volunteers will also have a "practice run", in which they will familiarize themselves with the area they are to be responsible for, on Saturday October 20.

Morán clarified that citizens which chose not to take part in the census would not be penalized or fined. He explained that up until the 80s, the average percent of people that did not participate in a census was over 10 percent and that in many states it was over 15 percent.

Thus, supporting the decision to have everyone stay in their home to have a census which involved the maximum number of Peru’s citizens