Peru’s Ministry of Defense Proposes to Increase Armed Forces Wages

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) reported yesterday that it had set as one of its prime objectives to secure a pay raise for all the branches and members of Peru’s Armed Forces and at the same time improve the equity that existed among them.

On the other hand, Peru’s MINDEF explained that it is in the first stages of the proposal it has been elaborating and that it hasn’t written out the law it is to propose yet.

Another of the goals Peru’s MINDEF announced was to reorganize and disclose its revenue, which would give financial sustainability to the Military and Police Pension Fund. It stated that it was not in any way trying to reduce or affect the benefits personnel were currently receiving.

Peru’s RPP news clarified that the country’s Ministry of Defense was not working on pensions but that it was focusing on improving the wages Armed Forces workers received. Pensions will continue to be run in the same manner for now.