Peru-US Free Trade Representative Denies Environmental Violations

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s RPP news reported today that David Lemor, the official representative of Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade in the United States, denied that Peru’s Bahuaja Sonene National Park would be reduced or handed over for oil and gas exploration.

Lemor, who is Peru’s free trade pact representative in the US, recalled that Exxon Mobil was to explore on the land but returned the area back to Peru’s government many years ago.

Furthermore, he explained that the area was not part of any reserve and would not be handed over for exploration.

It was reported that Peru’s free trade representative made the clarifications after US Congressman Earl Blumenauer mailed a letter to Peru’s Ambassador in Washington, Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos with reference to the National Park.

Reducing the Bahuaja Sonene National Park for oil and gas exploration could delay free trade negotiations between Peru and the US.

"The letter sent by Blumenauer was received and answered, explaining that he had received false information. No such project exists. The Council of Ministers has not approved the project, this hasn’t happened and won’t happen," said Lemor.

In addition, Lemor explained the the free trade pact between Peru and the US would not be affected because nothing was being done to violate the agreement. He stated that he was confident that the agreement would be passed in the first two weeks of November.

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