Peru has 100 Percent of the Volunteers Needed for the National Census

(LIP-ir) — Chief of Peru’s National Statistics Institute (INEI), Renán Quispe revealed today that INEI had recruited, throughout the entire country, all of the volunteers it needed to census Peru on Sunday October 21.

Quispe stated that there was enough time to train all of the volunteers because the questions on each survey were simple ones that did not require complicated answers.

In addition, he explained that a training seminar could be done in several hours, making sure the volunteer was well prepared.

Peru’s INEI Chief also made known that in many of Lima, Peru’s districts, volunteers were still being recruited as reserves to make sure that despite any emergency or unforeseen event, the national census was carried out without any problems on Sunday.

Quispe explained that the national census would be done on a Sunday because the majority of the country worked from Monday to Saturday. He reiterated that the order for Peru’s people to stay in their homes had been established to make sure that everyone was polled and stated that this was the norm in other countries.

"The order was an international suggestion which has been applied in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia with good results. The standstill’s purpose is to make sure that the entire population is polled," said Quispe.

Peru’s INEI Chief asked Peru’s people to cooperate and stated that the information was necessary in helping the government better serve the country.