New Foster Care Program to Help 10 Thousand Children in Peru

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Expreso daily reported today that over 10 thousand abandoned children in State orphanages across Peru would have the chance to be raised in a family environment thanks to a new Foster Care program established by the National Institute of Family Welfare (INABIF).

Peru’s INABIF Executive Director, Dra. Nélida Chávez de Lock explained that the program would begin by helping 500 children between the ages of 5 -12, all currently living in state institutions.

The children which will be part of the program are children whose parents are going through an extremely difficult financial situation, are in prison or have mistreated the children somehow.

The children are to be placed in foster homes, supervised by INABIF, while a team of professionals works with the families of the children to try and create adequate living conditions which will permit for the children to return with their biological families.

Chávez explained that the program tried to keep from "institutionalizing" the children by giving them a chance to temporarily live in a family environment which would facilitate the development of their personality and tend to their educational, emotional, recreational and nutritional needs.

Peru’s INABIF Executive Director stated that despite the fact that the children in State institutions were cared for and protected, their personal growth and development was limited because of a lack of affection from a family.