Census Report: 99 Percent of Lima, Peru’s People Polled 100 Percent Polled in Other Regions

(LIP-ir) — Renán Quispe, Chief of Peru’s National Statistics Institute (INEI) announced yesterday that the 2007 Census of Population and Dwellings had covered 99 percent of the people living in Lima and 100 percent of the majority of Peru’s regions.

Peru’s INEI Chief happily recognized the hard work and dedication many sectors and institutions demonstrated during Peru’s XI Census of Population and VI Dwelling Census.

Quispe especially acknowledged the hard work of the 580 thousand census officials which helped in carrying out the task nationwide.

In addition, the cooperation of all of Peru’s people, in a census labeled "bold but effective", was applauded and greatly appreciated.

Peru’s INEI Chief held a press conference yesterday afternoon in which he totaled the final results of the national census by contacting regional census authorities across the country by radio and requesting a report of the work that had been done.

Census authorities in Arequipa reported that 100 percent of the region had been polled by 5:45 p.m. Authorities in Piura reported that 100 percent of the region’s urban area had been covered. In Tumbes, census officials also reported that 100 percent of the people had been polled.

Authorities in La Libertad, Peru reported that volunteers had finished by 6:30 p.m. and that 100 percent of the region’s urban area had been polled. Because of heavy rain, a complete report from Cajamarca could not be acquired. 10 districts in Cajamarca could not be contacted because of difficult weather conditions.