Peru’s President Alan Garcia Congratulates Peruvians During Census

(LIP-ir) — In statements made yesterday, President Alan Garcia affirmed that Peru’s people had demonstrated "extraordinary civility and democratic culture" by participating in the National Census in an organized manner. Because of this, Garcia stated that the census would finish hours before scheduled.

In a speech given 3 hours before Peru’s XI Census of Population and VI Dwelling Census concluded, Garcia congratulated and expressed his personal affection to all of Peru’s people for having cooperated in the census and having done so in a peaceful manner.

"Being in contact with commands and regions across the country, I have been able to confirm, as well as in Lima, the extraordinary demonstration of civility, the democratic culture that Peru’s people have shown," said Garcia.

Peru’s Chief of State also acknowledged the census volunteers’ hard work and responsibility, the majority of which were high school seniors that moved across the entire country to complete the assigned task.

"I think we should congratulate ourselves for having given this demonstration. There are still three hours left until the census is concluded, organizers have told me that it could end before scheduled because of the order, social discipline and will to cooperate," affirmed Peru’s President Alan Garcia.

In addition Garcia stated that he was moved when he saw that Lima, Peru’s streets had been almost completely deserted because of Peruvians will to cooperate. He added that he was proud to have seen the people’s maturity and was proud to represent Peru’s people.